Western Solar Clean are the specialists when it comes to looking after your solar panels.

Regardless of size, we will make sure you are getting the most out of your valuable investment.

Our fully self-sufficient technicians use the most advanced and environmentally friendly water deionisation systems.

At Western Solar Clean, each of our technicians is:

  • professionally trained,
  • accredited with Occupational Health and Safety qualifications and,
  • insured to safely clean, inspect and maintain your panels for maximum efficiency.

Through the purchase of solar panels you have made the commitment to a sustainable environment. To maintain your investment and uphold this commitment, Western Solar Clean can help you with a regular step by step cleaning and maintenance program.

Our packages are cost effective, and our affordable packages for any system, will be offset by the rapid improvement in your solar panel performance.

Solar Panel manufacturers, along with Australian Standard 5033 states solar panels should be cleaned periodically. Western Solar Clean recommends your panels are cleaned twice a year, depending on location you may require a more frequent treatment.

The Clean Energy Council cites dirt on just one of the cells on a solar panel results in a loss of power from many cells, not just the one that is dirty. Pollution, traffic dust, sea salt spray, general dust, bird droppings, moss and fungus prevent light reaching your solar panels, contributing to a big reduction in solar energy being produced.

Western Solar Clean can help you get that energy back.

Contact us now to ensure a better return on your investment.

Call Western Solar Clean for a professional service with the highest level of customer service.