Solar Panel Cleaning Perth

Western Solar Clean are here to provide a cost effective and simple service – we clean and inspect your solar panels safely and efficiently, bringing them back to life so your panels operate at maximum efficiency.

Solar panels are usually made of a quality glass. To avoid damage, care is required when cleaning your solar panels.

Western Solar Clean are fully self-sufficient. This means our technicians will come to you with clean, pure deionised water. Our product and process leaves no water spots, residue or harmful chemicals. We don’t use your water and our deionised water is entirely environmentally friendly!

Our Western Solar Clean technicians have High Risk Work Licenses, are trained in Working Safely at Heights and checking for electrical hazards, as well as identifying any defects in your solar installation.

With regular visits from Western Solar Clean, we will ensure your system is performing to 100% of its capabilities, ensuring you are getting the most out of your investment.